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Thin Red Line Firefighter 2"x1" Chrome Effect Domed Case Badge / Sticker Logo

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One (1) domed, self-adhesive sticker badge with chrome effect metallic background, bubble-domed for 3D appearance. Perfect for decorating your equipment case.


Logo: Thin Red Line Firefighter
Type: Domed badge / sticker
Quantity: 1 (one)
Dimensions (inches): 2 inch by 1 inch rectangle
Dimensions (millimeters): 50.8 millimeters by 25.4 millimeters square
Dimensions (centimeters): 5.08 centimeters by 2.54 centimeters square

Application Guidelines

This Thin Red Line Firefighter logo badge is self-adhesive and can be attached to a flat or slightly curved, clean and smooth surface. For best results, clean the target surface with rubbing alcohol and let it dry completely. Then simply peel the Thin Red Line Firefighter logo badge from its backing sheet and attach it to the target area by firmly pressing it in place. Pressure-sensitive adhesive starts to work when the label is pressed against the application surface and achieves full strength within 24-48 hours. Do not remove the Thin Red Line Firefighter logo badge once applied as this will weaken adhesion when re-applied and the use of an additional adhesive (not included) may be needed to re-apply the badge. While the vast majority of users this is a non-issue, for some textured, oily, dirty, or otherwise low energy surfaces additional adhesive (not included with the product) may be required, therefore adhesion to all surfaces is not guaranteed for this product. This Thin Red Line Firefighter logo sticker badge is intended for indoor use only and should not be exposed to the elements for a prolonged time.